“I have an iMac with the latest Mountain Lion operation system installed. But due to a specific reason, I plan to give it to my friend as a gift. I have many sensitive data generated on the machine so I want to wipe everything clean and start with a fresh install. I just wanna delete everything and most importantly – without any possibility to be restored. Please show me how to do. Or is there any easy program to get the job done?”

Caution: normal format or system reinstallation won’t be necessary to get rid of all data on the Mac hard drive, the best way is to opt for a 3rd party Mac wipe utility to clean & erase all files with zero recovery chances.

3 Steps to Erase Mac Hard Drive under OS X Mountain Lion

#1: Free download and follow the instructions to install the app on your OS X 10.8 based iMac. Launch it and choose the mode “Drive Wipe” option to continue. Note: you can also select “File Wipe” option to erase specific files/folders.

#2: Select one of the wiping algorithms to continue. Note: different algorithm uses different data overwriting passes. Choose one based on your wiping needs.

#3: Conform and start wiping Mac hard disk. Done!


"I wanted to destroy all proofs of my sensitive data stored on my Macintosh hard drive and found difficult to do on my own. Thanks to the Mac eraser. It does wonders!" - by Jeremy Watson, a general Mac user

"If you want to sell or donate your old Mac, make sure you’ve already used the Mac wipe tool to clean your hard drive once for all. " - by Michael Will, a Mac software expert


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