There are many circumstances that you may need to complete erase Mac hard drive data. For example when you decide to resell / donate your Mac, recycle or dispose the Macintosh hard drive etc. If you have the original OS X system disc, things can be done in one hour or two. You need to reboot your Mac machine using the CD that is equipped with your Macintosh, then insert the disc into the CD drive and follow a respectively complicated yet long process to fulfill the hard drive erasing task. Note: if you have the CD, see this article for the 13 step by step tutorial.

However, many a times you don’t have a system recovery CD at hand due to various reasons. If you still want to erase a Mac partition or entire hard drive without buying the Mac operation system again, then you can rely on a Mac drive wipe software to get the job done more easily & quickly. Usually you can complete the Mac disk wipe procedure in just a few minutes. The program is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard etc.

How to Erase Macintosh Disk without CD in 3 Steps

Free Download to Erase Mac without CD

Step 1: Free download and install the application on your Mac machine that you need to securely erase the hard drive. Launch the app, select the Drive Wipe option. It will can help you to erase entire hard drive in one go. The function ensures complete and permanent removal of data from the hard drive or partition, beyond recovery.

Step 2: Click the Continue button and you’ll see a list of Mac hard drive wiping algorithms. Those algorithms without maximum overwrite speed are used to achieve permanent deletion of data. After selecting the hard drive, and then choose wiping algorithm, the software will sanitize selected drive within minutes. Once drive is securely erased, no data can be recovered. Click Continue to proceed.

Step 3: Start the wiping process. Wait a few minutes before it is complete. Now you have successfully erase a Mac hard disk without the CD. Done!


"I wanted to destroy all proofs of my sensitive data stored on my Macintosh hard drive and found difficult to do on my own. Thanks to the Mac eraser. It does wonders!" - by Jeremy Watson, a general Mac user

"If you want to sell or donate your old Mac, make sure you’ve already used the Mac wipe tool to clean your hard drive once for all. " - by Michael Will, a Mac software expert


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