Erase Mac Hard Drive - Main Features

Erase Entire Mac Hard Drive

erase Macintosh HDThe “Drive Wipe” feature allows you to erase all the files & data stored on the entire Macintosh hard drive or specific volume in a single go. After erasing, no Mac data recovery software can ever recover anything from the drive.

Erase Mac Files or Folders

Besides wiping hard drive, the software also allows you to erase specific files or folders in your Mac computer contain sensitive information. Once erased, no one, no third-party recovery software, no data recovery company can get data from your drive.

Securely Erase More on Mac

erase Mac filesUsing the Mac erasure utility, you can erase more private information such as web browser information (temporary Internet files, cookies, form values, page history, user sessions etc). recent file history, saved history of conversations in the chat messenger, and the traces of previously stored data at unused space.

Advanced Wiping Algorithm

Mac eraser algorithmThe do-it-yourself Mac tool gives users an option to select various wiping algorithms Zeros, DoD 5220.22-M, German Standard, Russian Standard, etc.

Mac Drive Wipe Scheduler

Through the feature of the Mac eraser, you can also schedule the wiping of the Mac hard disk or process defined for system trace, Internet activities, etc according to your preference.

Bootable DVD

Mac boot DVDAs one of the great features of the Mac hard drive erasing software, you can use the created bootable DVD to help in case your OS X system is unable to boot or hard drive is blank.

Free Download to Erase Mac

Erase Mac Hard Drive - Screenshots

Software Interface ->

Select Hard Drive to Erase ->

Select Wiping Algorithm ->

Start Erasing Selected Hard Drive ->

Free Download Mac Hard Drive Eraser


"I wanted to destroy all proofs of my sensitive data stored on my Macintosh hard drive and found difficult to do on my own. Thanks to the Mac eraser. It does wonders!" - by Jeremy Watson, a general Mac user

"If you want to sell or donate your old Mac, make sure you’ve already used the Mac wipe tool to clean your hard drive once for all. " - by Michael Will, a Mac software expert


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